Services for businesses

Employers often hesitate to seek professional legal advice about employment matters.  Is it because lawyers seem to complicate matters and don’t make the problem go away?  Or is it because they may suggest a solution that you do not want (perhaps you feel ’forced‘ to pay up)?  Or is it a fear of fees?  But what would you do if a key employee went off work with depression?  Or your main customer cancelled its contract with you?  What if your best salesperson jumped ship to a competitor taking their laptop with your price list and all of your customers' details on it?  How would you deal with these issues?

Understanding your business and putting your concerns in both their legal and business context is key to what I do.  I recognise that the consequence of getting things wrong is usually an unexpected cost to the business both in terms of your time as well as your money.  I help you as an employer to understand your legal situation and to manage it effectively.  Often this deals with the problem long before it becomes a crisis.  While the employment relationship may not be saved every time you’ll be able to move on with your business.  I enable you to resolve employment problems quickly efficiently and at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

My services include giving advice on:
- contracts of employment and employment policies
- internal disciplinary and grievance procedures
- dismissal including executive severance
- improper and/or unlawful competitive activity
- reorganisation management
- outsourcing and TUPE issues
- redundancy
- employment tribunal proceedings

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