Services for Individuals

If you are changing your job, or just thinking about it, or have decided to move into consultancy work then understanding how the terms of your contract of employment affect what you want to do is essential.  I help you to do this by reviewing the relevant agreements and where appropriate suggesting changes.  

If you face major problems at work, maybe an issue has arisen about your performance or your conduct, or you are upset at how your employer has dealt with you, I help you to understand your legal rights and options and enable you to make an informed decision about the way forward that is best for you.

I am able to help you with: 

- Understanding your contract of employment
- Advising on the terms of a director’s service agreement
- Preparing a consultancy agreement
- The legal implications for you of restrictive covenants
- The rights and duties of a director
- Unfair dismissal and redundancy
- Negotiating an exit from employment and a settlement package
- Understanding the terms of a compromise agreement
- Helping you resolve disciplinary and grievance issues
- Advising you about pursuing a claim in the Employment Tribunals

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